Feed the Hungry

I hadn’t thought my plans for my future would change, but they did. And for the better. That doesn’t mean that the change didn’t throw me for a loop. Because I spent years and made life-plans with another human who was not good for me I lost the feeling of inclusion and my need for contact with other human beings was muted. One way to get that need back is to come into contact with other humans who ARE genuine and honest and giving. So I am throwing myself back into my personal passions: writing and doing service in my community.

Feeding the hungry, whether on a Native American reservation or in my own town provides a sense of grounding. We all need to eat and we all need to be in contact with other people – not just dogs or nature or ourselves, although it helps, but other human beings. So today I will go and serve a meal to those less fortunate than I and little by little rejoin the world of human adults who lift me up and remind me that life is good and fundamentally all is well.